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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

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Search Engine Optimisation: Why it is Essential for Any Brand

A Complete Guide to Why You Need SEO agency

People often ask us Why you need SEO agency, when you have a marketing team for your brand. Because we work like the marketing team of the home of your brand which is your website – the landing zone of your entire business’ flight! An SEO company is crucial for you because we specialise in improving your website’s visibility on search engines like Google. This in simple words means that your website will attract more organic traffic, increase brand visibility among your targeted audience, and ultimately grow your business.

Content Optimisation

Why you need SEO agency? Because you need Content optimisation. And for us it is not just about throwing in keywords based on Google search, but creating an overall content strategy to ensure the consumer benefits from the content provided and keeps coming back to you. For a client in the health and wellness niche, we optimised their blog posts with comprehensive guides, actionable tips, and multimedia elements. As a result, their average session duration increased by 35%, indicating higher user engagement and satisfaction with the content.

Keyword Research and Optimisation

Getting deeper into the SEO services, our keyword research strategy involves using not just popularly searched terms but also long-tail keywords and semantic variations. For a client in the travel industry, we identified untapped long-tail keywords related to “off-the-beaten-path destinations.” By optimising their content with these keywords and providing in-depth guides, they experienced a 50% increase in organic traffic from niche travel enthusiasts within three months. So, again our work speaks for us as the most sought after SEO company in Ahmedabad.

Technical SEO Analysis

We are the best SEO company in Ahmedabad, because our technical SEO analysis goes beyond the basics. We dive deep into very fine and complex aspects of your website server response times, canonicalisation, and XML sitemap optimisation. For instance, we audited a client’s website and discovered server latency issues. By optimising server configurations and reducing response times by 40%, the client saw a significant improvement in crawl rates and indexation, leading to a 25% increase in organic traffic within two months. So your own website will speak for us in Search engine optimisation.

On-page SEO Analysis

Our on-page SEO audits encompass a thorough examination of HTML markup, content quality, internal linking structure of the website and more. For instance after conducting an audit for an e-commerce client, we discovered multiple duplicate product descriptions across category pages. By implementing unique, optimised descriptions and improving internal linking, we witnessed a 20% increase in organic traffic to those pages and a 15% boost in conversion rates. That is why we are your ideal answer to Why you need SEO agency!

Off-page SEO

In simple words, it means creating authoritative backlinks. Which in turn means creating a further, strong online presence through social media and influencer partnerships. For instance for a B2B client, we initiated a guest blogging campaign targeting industry-specific publications. This resulted in a significant improvement in search engine optimisation rankings for competitive keywords. Within six months, they secured backlinks from reputable sites, resulting in a 30% increase in referral traffic.

Image and Video Optimization

We are the besy SEO company in Ahmedabad because we are a step ahead from others. Image optimisation includes optimising file sizes, descriptive filenames, and alt text for accessibility and search engine indexing. For video optimisation, we optimise titles, descriptions, and tags to improve visibility on platforms like YouTube. After implementing these optimisations for clients in the real estate and travel industry, they saw a 50% increase in image search traffic and a 30% rise in video views within six months.

Voice Search SEO

Voice search optimisation means anyone can give an easy voice command and find suitable content that comes back to your website. Let us explain this with a real thing we did. For a local business client, we optimised their website for voice search queries related to “near me” “in Ahmedabad ” searches. By incorporating location-based keywords and optimising Google My Business listings, they got a 40% increase in organic traffic from voice search queries within a quarter. Thus we are your ultimate SEO services provider for Search engine optimisation!

Google Analytics & Search Console

Why you need SEO agency? Because this task you cannot achieve via your marketing or sales team! We use this tool to extract actionable insights to refine our SEO strategies continuously. For a client in the e-commerce sector, we analysed user behaviour data and identified a high bounce rate on product pages which means the potential user was not staying on the intended pages before we stepped in. By optimising page load speed and enhancing product descriptions, we achieved a 20% reduction in bounce rate and a 25% increase in conversion rates (from potential buyer to new buyers) within three months.

Process of Search Engine Optimisation

1. Website SEO Audit

Think of a website SEO audit like giving your website a thorough health check-up. It involves examining every nook and cranny of your site to see how well it’s doing in terms of showing up on search engines like Google. This includes checking if all your web pages are working properly, if your content is relevant and helpful, and if there are any technical issues that need fixing. It’s like making sure your house is in top shape before inviting guests over.

2. Competitive SEO Research

Competitive SEO research is like keeping a very close eye at your competitors to see what they’re doing right (or wrong) with their websites. It involves looking at what keywords they’re targeting, what kind of content they’re creating, and where they’re getting their backlinks from. This helps you understand what strategies are working in your industry and gives you ideas on how to improve your own website’s SEO services game plan.

3. On-page SEO activities

On-page search engine optimisation is all about optimising the individual pages of your website to make them more search engine friendly. This includes things like using the right keywords in your page titles and headings, writing meta descriptions that entice people to click on your links, and making sure your content is well-structured and easy to read. It’s like sprucing up each room in your house to make it as inviting as possible.

4. Link Building

Link building is like networking for your website. It’s about getting other websites to link back to yours, which tells search engines that your site is trustworthy and authoritative. This can involve reaching out to other website owners to ask for backlinks, creating shareable content that people want to link to, or submitting your site to online directories. It’s like getting recommendations from friends that help boost your reputation.

5. Native SEO (Implement updates, Tracking, analysis and reporting)

Native SEO is about making sure your website stays optimised consistently. This involves regularly updating your content to keep it fresh and relevant. And this means tracking your website’s performance to see what’s working and what’s not, and analysing data to make informed decisions about your SEO services strategy. It’s like grooming your garden, constantly watering and weeding to ensure it stays healthy and thriving.

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